Windspeed Tech proposes a revolutionary bubble on top of the aircraft

Air travel with your family or friends usually begins battle for the window seat. Especially people flying for the first time can not resist view from the aircraft window at the vast expanses of the landscape beneath them.

Windspeed Tech company in November has presented for in an aviation conference a bold idea, which could help aircraft owners can easily install on top of a smaller glazed bubble into which would fit at least two seats and offer passengers a view and what has never had. For example for the people that must be sit eight hours, would be more

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enjoyable view, since actually travel in a plane is slightly reminiscent of the can without any sufficient possibilities look at the beauty around us himself.




Windspeed also came up with two alternatives on how the bubble could work in aircraft. One option would be to install stairs leading to the seat located in a bubble, but other one would be an interestingly designed elevator. Although the price for installing bubbles Skydeck might reach between 8 to $ 25 million, the company argues that today it has contacted several candidates, so in the next few years can we expect to surcharge you also will be up to the flight to US enjoy the world around them from the bubble.

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