Former Polish President Lech Walesa Warns About a Possible Alien Invasion

The meeting of Lech Wałęsa in Krosno turned out to be even more peculiar than previously thought. In addition to his rather complicated opinion about the LGBT environment, the former president also developed his theory about a possible invasion of aliens.

Here is what he postulated about extraterrestrials:

Five or four times there has been such a civilization as ours on Earth and they made the same mistake as we do now – they have not been able to communicate properly. And someone like Putin pressed the nuclear button on the ETs and burned us all.

There are three levels of intellectual development in other galaxies. We are the lowest. And a higher civilization comes to these “lower civilizations” to look at what they are up to. When those threaten them, they will simply cut us in half, the Earth will collapse, all of us will be crushed, they will set the human race back 5,000 years and necessitate the need for civilization to rebuild from scratch.

“They will send us Adam and Eve (again) and we will build again until we are at the same moment we are today. This, too, must be taken into account. Why? People find different things, dig them out, in stone…. pyramids, for example. Well, we don’t know where it came from,” Wałęsa said and continued that “we have to put everything on the table”.

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