Hyperloop in few years in Dubai…the train with 1100 Km/h speed

11 Nov 2016 – The innovative train, Elon Musk’s dream, will transport passengers and goods to “supersonic speed” of 120 kilometers just in 12 minutes. A closed circuit where it will create a vacuum in order to create zero friction.
The fastest train in the world will therefore be realized ìand will be called Hyperloop One and will cover its kilometers in the desert of Dubai. Till now no one has created a transport system that could reach speeds of 1100 km / h, even with the Japanese maglev trains has done so much. A travel revolution that will allow people to travel 120 kilometers in just 12 minutes from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. The same path today is realized with a bus in a time of more than three hours, or by ship with more than 4 hours, and in air in 50 minutes.




How Hyperloop One works is extremely simple but challenging. The train cars are pressurized and will travel inside a closed pipe circuit that will allow to create a sort of vacuum inside in such a way as to allow to eliminate to the maximum internal friction due to air . In this way, by means of the engines, the One will reach speeds of 1100 Km / h allowing then to complete the journey to Dubai in a few minutes.

As explained in the video, passengers can easily book the trip through a mobile application that will allow to understand also the collection point and where to go to catch the Hyperloop One. In these places will be present a “pod”, where the passengers are accommodated, and then will be automatically assembled into a convoy ready to entered in the “loop.”

At moment are not known details about the price that every single traveler will have to pay for this trip at “supersonic” speed. Moreover, are not known the financial details of the entire project, which will take part also the Transport Authority of Dubai that really allow the implementation of the circuit. The first passengers, according to the estimates of the company, will be in 2020.




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