Rocket Engineering and Interstellar Space Propulsion

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  • Requirments

– Basic understanding of physics (force, velocity, acceleration, pressure, etc).
– High School Diploma mathematics level will be helpful to understand some calculations but not mandatory.
  • Description


    Space launchers and rocket propulsion systems are what allowed us to spread our spacecrafts from the Earth’s orbit to the ends of the Solar System. They lift buildings to the sky, taking robots to Mars, enabling satellites to continuously transform human civilization and offering us the hope of one day spreading throughout the universe. This course offers the opportunity to learn and understand:

    – The Fundamental Principles of Rocket Science and Rocket Theory.
    – Chemical Rocket Design.
    – The Engineering and Challenges Behind Expendable and Reusable Space Launchers.
    – Electric and Low Thrust Space Propulsion .
    – Advanced Nuclear and Interstellar Space Propulsion.

    I will thoroughly detail and walk you through each of these subjects and explain down to their fundamental principles, all concepts and subject-specific vocabulary. This course is the ideal beginner, intermediate or advanced learning platform for Rocket Science and the engineering around it. Whatever your background, whether you are a student, a writer, a sci-fi addict, a computer scientist, an engineer, a business or sports person with an interest in Space, rockets or crazily powerful machines, you will understand the functioning and engineering behind our most ambitious technologies!

    If you have questions at any point of your progress along the course, it will be my pleasure to answer any of your questions within 24 hours!

    If this sounds like it might interest you, for your personal growth, career or academic endeavours, I strongly encourage you to join! You won’t regret it!

    Duration:  2.5 hours of on-demand video

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