Solutions to make aviation industry turbulence-free

Austrian firm Turbulence Solutions aims to eliminate air turbulence by reducing turbulence loads felt by passengers by over 80% through counteracting control surface deflections. The company’s goal is to mature the technology and establish partnerships to make the entire aviation industry turbulence-free, including airliners. Turbulence Cancelling creates counter turbulence to steady an aircraft’s motion as it flies by installing sensors and small flaps to the aircraft’s wings. The flaps quickly generate vertical lift to counteract turbulence when needed, deflecting turbulent airflow for a smoother ride.

The company’s journey began with the patented invention ‘Improved Direct Lift Control,’ which enables very fast lift generation. Turbulence Solutions has installed the system on a light aircraft, with promising results so far. The company plans to expand across the entire aviation industry and work on large commercial airliners.

Turbulence Solutions has a clear timeline for its expansion across the aviation industry, with the system being widely available for light aircraft next year, eVTOL air taxis by around 2026, private jets in 2028, and commercial airliners by around 2030. The company is addressing a growing problem, with intense turbulence increasing by 55% over the North Atlantic over the past four decades and becoming more common due to climate change.

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