The Tesla’ solar roof will cost less than the normal one…

The company after the acquisition of SolarCity is working on new solar roofs that will come out in 2017, Elon Musk states: “will cost less than traditional roofs”.  The US company is ready to launch on the market the photovoltaic tiles within 2017.   The leader company in the market of electrical cars  has recently purchase the company SolarCity and is canalizing its investments in renewable energy, especially on the roofs of houses. The California-based company is sure: its roofs of the latest generation will cost less than the normal ones.


The new tiles are made of tempered glass, and this tecnology had fascinated the audience last month at Universal Studio. They have inside of small solar cells that convert sunlight into energy. Among their strengths also damage resistance and to the weather. During the October event Tesla said that his new smart tiles will arrive on the market in the summer of 2017, with four different designs and styles. Since their presentation one of the most relevant question was about the costs. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, however, has stunned everyone: “Our tiles will cost less than the classic ones.”

Tesla has worked hard on materials and their transport adaptability. Tempered glass is very strong and light, says Musk, and this will dramatically reduce the cost of shipping.  Before, in fact, the fragility of the solar roofs increased the cost of transport. Normally the classic tiles have durability of 50 years. The new Tesla tiles are virtually eternal, because it is very difficult to break one. Nevertheless it is unlikely that from their coming out, in the next year, initially the smart tiles will cost less than the classic ones already on the market. Undoubtedly, however, it is an investment that in the long run, with energy saving, creates significant benefits.


The recent acquisition by Tesla of SolarCity sharply indicates the path that the California-based company wants to accomplish in the next years. Not only electric cars and automatic driving but also alternative energy sources to be included in the urban environment. The investment is impressive, 2 billion spent by Tesla to acquire the skills and the SolarCity programs. And the company will also be in charge to settle certain debts related to recent quarters the company. Obviously the idea is also to integrate the products, with a garage made of smart tiles that recharge the electric cars Tesla, and so on. The fusion has been blessed by 85% of Tesla investors but will have to deal with the new ideas of Trump policies on energy. Very distant from those regarding the renewable sources of Obama. This change keeps in apprehension investors, that are trying to reduce the number of consumers of fossil fuels.

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