First Ever Video Of Perseverance Rover Landing On Mars

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The Perseverance rover, after its landing 4 days ago, has already started sending us a large amount of data and images. Above you can see the first overview, created by combining 6 photos taken by the navigation camera (below there is the navigable version).

Below, however, the video taken by the probe while it landed and the first recording of the Martian environment, made by the onboard microphone.

The landing footage was made by several cameras that were positioned precisely to film the descent and landing of Perseverance. In particular, we see the opening of the parachute, the detachment of the heat shield, which falls to the ground quickly, the detachment of the crane (with the double take: from the rover upwards and from the flying crane downwards) and finally the landing. The audio embedded in the video comes from mission control during entry, descent and landing. See below the video of Perseverance Landing.

Perseverance is also a good listener: it is equipped with several microphones to record the impact on landing and above all to listen to the noise of rocks, wind, “sand devils” and wheels moving on the surface. These sounds, which propagate differently on Mars due to the different properties of the atmosphere, will guarantee us humans an interactive experience, but above all they will have a high scientific value: those coming from the microphones on the SuperCam will provide data on mass, composition and hardness of the rock, useful for understanding its origins. The navigable version of the panoramic photo shows the landscape around the Perseverance rover. If you are watching it from a smartphone, just move the phone to change perspective. From a pc, just click on the video and move the mouse to change the shot.

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